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A number of degree programs and courses are taught in English in Norway so a high level of English makes it easy to both study and live.

Norway is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries for its rich history, beautiful scenery, and wonderful people. Situated between Sweden and the Norwegian Sea, Norwegians benefit from natural resources such as fish, forests, minerals, and petroleum. Its home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people.

Norway is a modern society. Students benefit from modern facilities, equipment and  high technological standards and services, as well as inventive teaching on campus. Equal opportunity is  rooted in the Norwegian society and is rooted in both  tradition and legislation. Norway is also  a safe Country. you can feel secure almost wherever you are in Norway. Internationalization is a high priority within all sectors of the Norwegian education system. colleges and Universities  are constantly working to facilitate for international students.

Norwegian institutions prove to be an ideal study destination. From vocational subjects to postgraduate level there are plenty of opportunities for both exchange students and degree seeking students to fulfill their ambitions. You will also benefit from the informal atmosphere at Norwegian universities and colleges, where teachers are easily approachable and tuition often takes place in small groups. In many cases the students can benefit from taking part in exciting research projects coordinated by the professors.

The majority of Norwegian higher education institutions are publicly funded and owned. The Norwegian government considers access to top quality higher education for all to be an important part of the Norwegian society and grant the higher education sector large resources. Thus, as a general rule, Norwegian students and international students are NOT required to pay tuition fees  in Norway. but you should take into consideration Norway is a high cost country and international students should expect to provide a certain level of subsistence to cover their living expenses.

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