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Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark

Danish institutions of Higher Education often collaborate with Business, Industry and Research Institutes, ensuring a dynamic learning

Danish institutions of Higher Education often collaborate with Business, Industry and Research Institutes, ensuring a dynamic learning Environment where you can learn directly from industry experts. Many programs also include credit-earning internships, offering students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Denmark. Modern Danish universities provide well-equipped laboratories and libraries in a friendly learning environment. The university has great academics. All the teachers are very friendly and the learning programs are very efficient. Facilities in the University are very modern and encourage the use of new technologies as a tool that should help to get new knowledge during the classes.

Denmark is a beautiful country that many international students have not discovered yet. It is part of the Schengen countries that consist of northern and Western Europe. The Best city is the Copenhagen city in Denmark. Danish Lifestyle: It is rated as one of the happiest countries in the world. Why? The Danes enjoy social welfare system that is the envy of the world. All citizens and legal residents similarly receive tax-funded healthcare and unemployment insurance. Denmark has eight universities for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

Higher Education Institutions in Denmark

1.     Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
2.     Aarhus University (AU)
3.     Roskilde University (RUC)
4.     University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
5.     University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
6.     IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
7.     Aalborg University (AAU)
8.     Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
University Colleges:
1.     Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX)
2.     University College South Denmark
3.     University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
4.     UCL University College
5.     University College Copenhagen
6.     University College Absalon
7.     VIA University College
8.     Copenhagen Business College
Artistic Higher Education Institutions:
1.     The Danish National School of Performing Arts
2.     The Royal Opera Academy
3.     Aarhus School of Architecture
4.     Funen Art Academy
5.     The Royal Academy of Music – Aarhus/Aalborg
6.     Design School Kolding
7.     The Royal Danish Academy of Music
8.     National Film School of Denmark
9.     Danish National Academy of Music
10.  Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC)

Schools of Maritime Education & Training:
1.     Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC)
2.     Aarhus school of Maritime and Technical Engineering
3.     Copenhagen School of Maritime Education and Training
4.     Maritime Training and Education Centre (MARTEC)
Danish Business Academies:
1.     International Business Academy (IBA)
2.     Dania Academy
3.     Zealand – Academy of Technologies and Business
4.     Business Academy Aarhus
5.     Copenhagen Business Academy
6.     Business Academy Southwest
7.     KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

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